Could it be dared to say that java is overdesigned ?

JavaJava 7 is coming. And it’s an awesome project ! Now that java is distributed under the GPL, developers can believe that the JSR way of doing things will be more and more pragmatic.

The title of this post is a little bit coarse but this is the feeling java gives to developpers who “learn and use java to create and run programs that make devices and internet useful for people“.

I just read some articles about jdk7 changes that I want to share :

About the new framework for fork-join style parallel decomposition and the ParallelArray class in java.util.concurrent :

About the first attempt to give packages and visibility modifiers a lift :

The first ones are really exciting ! The one about the superpackages scares me a little. I know it’s the first “public” communication about it but I sincerely hope that the final solution will be presented with successfull examples of complex implementations, ie. will be pragmatic.


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