asadmin-maven-plugin-0.2 released

GlassfishI released the second version of asadmin-maven-plugin today.

It added the following features :

  • Issue#1: support for maven projects with “ejb” packaging
  • support for (un)deploying to remote glassfish instance (thanks to Larry Sanderson that provided the patch)

The following issues were fixed :

  • Issue#2: asadmin is not found when only glassfishHome is specified and glassfishHome/bin not in PATH (thanks to streifi that provided a patch)
  • Issue#3: asadmin:start-domain hangs on windows (thanks again to streifi)

Go to the project’s page for more information.


3 thoughts on “asadmin-maven-plugin-0.2 released

  1. Do you think it’d be possible to invoke goal on a parent project making all deployable submodules deploy via asadmin:deploy?

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