A maven plugin to repackage your java archives : jaroverlay-maven-plugin

MavenIn the Java EE 5 TutorialDevelopment Roles” chapter we can see the following three roles, from the code to the deployment :

  • Application Component Provider: “The application component provider is the company or person who creates web components, enterprise beans, applets, or application clients for use in Java EE applications.”
  • Application Assembler: “The application assembler is the company or person who receives application modules from component providers and assembles them into a Java EE application EAR file.”
  • Application Deployer and Administrator: “The application deployer and administrator is the company or person who configures and deploys the Java EE application …”

This page says that this is the Application Assembler job to configure the deployment descriptor before packaging the EAR.

Beside that, artifact produced by mavenized enterprise projects are EARs, already packaged. Plus, it often is the developer (or Application Component Provider) that write the packaging configuration.

Next comes the “configuration for deployment” time. Here, if deployment dependant configuration is in deployment descriptors you would have to unpack the EAR and possibly nested java archives (WARs and/or JARs) to get a hand on all deployment descriptors.

This task can be quite cumbersome and time consuming (really dumb too). Continue reading “A maven plugin to repackage your java archives : jaroverlay-maven-plugin”