Another scpresume alias with rsync

File copy over ssh is nice but it has no resume support. That can be a pain if dealing with big files and/or poor connectivity.

As a reminder to myself here is a shell alias I use :

alias scpresume='rsync -Pazhv -e ssh'

  • -P is the same as –partial –progress, this enable progress indication and partially downloaded files transfer to be resumed
  • -a activate archive mode to be recursive
  • -z enable compression
  • -h outputs human readable units
  • -v add more verbosity, especially reassuring with poor connectivity
  • ‘-e ssh’ is needed to use ssh as transport, you can change this to ‘-e “ssh -p XXXX”‘ if you need to change used port or any other ssh options

Isolated VirtualBoxes network on a Linux laptop

I like emulation/virtualization a lot. I used to use Win4Lin and VMWare for testing new systems/applications I now have switched to VirtualBox mainly because of the automation scripting tools (VBoxManage and friends).


I work/play on a linux laptop and need to run several virtual machines interconnected in an isolated network and the VirtualBox network configuration can give headaches, it gave me some : ) During the setup I had to write things down on paper, walk around chewing my pencil, scratch my head .. so I will share theses notes here hoping it will be usefull to someone.


For a 10000 feet view of the setup explained here, a simple picture is better than many words :

Virtual Network Overview
Virtual Network Overview

Host->VBoxes: permanent
Host->External: independant the virtual network
VBoxes->VBoxes: permanent
opt switchable per vbox
VBoxes-->External: virtualbox nat

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