flamingo-maven-plugin-1.1 released!

flamingo-maven-plugin transcode SVG files into Java2D classes that can implement ResizableIcon from the Flamingo / Insubstantial projects

The project is hosted in maven central. here you’ll find a quick copy/paste for the dependency.

Transcode SVG files

Use the following goal: transcode

Configuration inside the POM

Here is a quick example:

    <implementsResizableIcon>true</implementsResizableIcon><!-- Defaults to false -->
    <stopOnFailure>false</stopOnFailure> <!-- Defaults to true -->

Swing On Steroïds 1.2 Released

Today I released Swing On Steroïds 1.2 under the Apache Licence 2.0.

Swing On Steroïds is a micro-framework bringing awesomness to Swing development with Supervising Presenters and Passive Views (aka. MVP), a MessageBus and optionaly Guice or Qi4j.

It’s largely inspired by the work of Ray Ryan at Google on the GWT Wave client and his presentation at Google IO 2009 titled Best Practices for Architecting GWT App.
I’d say that watching this video is the first step to understanding Swing On Steroids.

It’s been used in production apps for about a year now with success : it’s modular, refactorable and work for small or big applications.

Among some enchancements, this release is the first one where non-ui related code (threading, forking, messagebus etc…) is available in a separate jar.

At this time the documentation is really poor. I hope to find time to write some.
If you’re interested, read about the patterns mentionned above and then dig into the code. If you understand the patterns it won’t be hard to understand and get started.

As a bonus, a versatile wizard api using the same patterns, a graph model and commodities such as BlockingView easing in and out smoothly thanks to Trident is provided.

You can find the jars and dependency snippets in Maven Central.

Tell me what you think.