Maven plugins for Glassfish ecosystem

GlassfishThis post is only a snapshot of what is available at the time of writing to use Glassfish from maven., seen from the perspective of a simple maven plugin developer (simple plugin or simple developer ?).

Before beginning asadmin-maven-plugin, I searched and tried several ways to use Glassfish from maven. Main use case is simply deployment and undeployment of applications.

There are two ways to do this “programmatically” :

  • using the asadmin command, Glassfish specific,
  • and using the JSR-88 api, app-server agnostic

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A repository for asadmin-maven-plugin

GlassfishTo ease the use of asadmin-maven-plugin I have set up a public repository that you can add to your maven settings / poms / proxies for maven to be able to download the plugin automagically.

The repositories are :

Here is the xml snippet you could add to your pom.xml file :


Plus, if you browse the source tree you’ll find two exemple projects, a WAR and an EAR, that use this plugin.

JAXB Custom Binding for Joda-Time

Java XMLI’m extensively using Joda-Time for handling time in my Java development, client or server side. Joda-Time is the codebase of the coming RI implementation of JSR-310 that will hopefully ship in Java 7.

I often need to work with dates in web services implementations, here is the JAXB custom binding lines I use to un/marshall JodaTime types to standard xs:date and xs:dateTime XML Schema types.

Note : I’m using the RI implementation of JAXB spec bundled in Metro.
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Glassfish, Hibernate and WebServices – WSGEN Classpath

Java XMLFollowing my quick and dirty how-to about using hibernate in glassfish I came across a small pitfall when dealing with metro webservices.

The glassfish’s wsgen classpath on Glassfish is not by domain, ie. the wsgen tool is not run in the domain class-loader.

When trying to deploy a webservice that returns an entity with a hibernate annotation, I got this following error :

Deploy error

Server logs showed the following trace :

        warning: Cannot find annotation method 'value()' in type 'org.hibernate.annotations.Fetch':
        class file for org.hibernate.annotations.Fetch not found
Problem encountered during annotation processing;
see stacktrace below for more information.
        ...... SNIP ......
error: compilation failed, errors should have been reported
Exception occured in J2EEC Phase
com.sun.enterprise.deployment.backend.IASDeploymentException: WSGEN FAILED
        at com.sun.enterprise.webservice.WsUtil.genWSInfo(

Adding the hibernate-annotations.jar file in the glassfish main lib/ directory added the necessary classes to the wsgen classpath.

Building an EJB3 app using GlassFish v2, Maven2 and NetBeans 6

In an article explicitly titled Building an EJB 3.0 application using GlassFish v2, Apache Maven 2 and NetBeans IDE 6.0, Jacek Laskowski explain in detail how Netbeans 6 can be used by maven users willing to use GlassFish as an EJB3 container.

I’m currently doing these type of things with Netbeans 6 but I didn’t know it was feasible with so few command line maven invocations.

Quick and dirty howto : Use Hibernate in Glassfish V2


As Leon pointed in comments, it’s not a good idea to put the hibernate jars in the app server classpath like in this post. Hibernate community had published a howto explaining how to use Hibernate in Glassfish but the link has expired. Here is a copy from google cache:

To use hibernate with glassfish, all you have to do is put hibernate and its dependencies into your EAR file. This might also with with a WAR file.

In your persistence.xml, specify hibernate using this tag:


You can also specify hibernate properties as usual, for example:

<properties>  <property name=”” value=”none”/></properties></blockquote>





For my first post here I’ll write a quick and dirty howto for using Hibernate inside the Glassfish V2 container.

  1. Download Hibernate projects
  2. Put’em in the domain’s lib dir
  3. Change your persistence.xml file
  4. Enjoy :)

Details are following :
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